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    Best Sellers: April 2018

    “QUEEN OF YOUR COCK EDGING JOI” Description: No one gets you vein-bulging, pre-cum dripping HARD like I do. It’s time for you to give that cock a workout, and my silky voice and enormous breasts are going to guide you along the way. This is the femdom jerk off instruction you’ve been waiting for. Edging, Jerk Off Instruction BUY IT NOW: IWC “24 KARAT BRAT” Preview:   Description: Why should I have to work when there are losers like you who’ll pay me for existing? Look at me. I’m blonde, I have perfect, huge tits, and I know exactly how to squeeze money out of horny men like you. Get…

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    Cuckold Storytime

      Alright, truth be told? I hate talking to losers about my sex life. It’s a huge part of why I don’t do many cuckold clips. Who are you to get that peek into my private life? You don’t even get to *see* my pussy. Why would I ever describe the way my pussy feels around a cock? But… how should I phrase this? My last tryst left me a little breathless. My partner (I refuse to call men alphas… fuck that) has been travelling extensively so we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together. Truthfully, I’d been aching for a fuck, but I wasn’t really expecting my…

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    May Travel Plans and Cashpoint Meets

    May is shaping up to be hectic already. I’ll be in New York City May 23-27 and Miami the 30-2. If you are looking for a cashpoint meet with me and are local to those areas, you are in luck. Minimum tribute for a cashpoint meet is $100. We will meet in a designated area and you’ll have the privilege of opening your wallet in My presence. Nothing else. Shopping trips may be arranged with a chaperone. To book a cashpoint meet, you’ll need to make a non-refundable $25 deposit. You can do so here. All bookings must be made 48 hours in advance. If you’d like to contribute to…

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    5/3 Presents!

    I love it when Good Boys spoil me. Some of these gifts were in response to my “Easy Findom Task” video, others were out of the blue. Either way, nothing puts a smile on my face like generosity.   Not too shabby, but you all can do better. Want to get in my good graces? Do so here. http://www.spoilblaire.com As always, items over $50 are guaranteed shout outs in my brag videos. Isn’t financial domination fun?

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    So You Want to Be a Sissy?

    I just LOVE turning men into my sissy pets. Everyone’s journey is individual, but my process does have a few common steps. Of course, not all sissies reach peak bimboification, but it’s something to aspire to. If you decide to pursue sissification with me, here are a few things you can expect during your training. Chastity. Locking up your cock serves two purposes: It makes you more docile, and it serves as an excellent tool for obedience. It’s the first step to any serious sissification process. Eventually, my sissies are taught to only enjoy penetration, rendering their penis all but useless. Anal training. Good sissies put their boipussies to use.…