A Penectomy Fetish Primer

Penectomy is an interesting fetish revolving around total removal of the penis. Most clients I’ve spoken to eroticize the act of having their cock cut off more than the end product. Penectomy, after all, is a very final act and you can only do it once!

Wait, men really get off on that?

It’s easy to think of penectomy as being some esoteric desire, but I’ve spoken with hundreds of men who fantasize about it. It’s a delicate, vulnerable erogenous zone. A symbol of virility. Vital to Western male identity. For some, wanting to lop their cock off is an extension of CBT, a natural step up from other masochistic activities. Sometimes they want to keep their balls so they still get aroused but have no way to relieve themselves. Others have snuff or hostage fantasies, imagining some leather clad succubus lopping it off in a dungeon.

Penectomy Methods

The ElastratorĀ 

The Elastrator is a tool used for castrating livestock without blood loss. A pair of pliers stretches open a powerful rubber band, which is then stretched around the penis and balls like a cock ring. Irreparable damage can be caused within one hour of banding, so it’s important to proceed with extreme caution.

I play with an Elastrator in my video “Your Last Wank: Elastrator Dick Destruction.


Surgical Play

Some see penectomy as an extension of medical fetish, and enjoy fantasizing about having it surgically removed. Most want to be awake in the fantasy so they can watch the process.

Abduction Fantasies

Others imagine penectomy as an act of revenge, or violence by some demented female serial killer. These tend to go hand in hand with Executrix fetishes.

Obviously, there are a million different ways penectomy can play out. These are justĀ  a few of the more common scenarios I’ve run across.


Penectomy is one of my favorite fetishes to discuss on my BDSM phone lines because of its intensity and variation. It’s NEVER a dull conversation! I do, however, urge my clients to keep it in the realm of fantasy— this post is for informational purposes, not an endorsement. There’s nothing sexy about rushing to the hospital with your dick in a cooler.