Why iWantClips is On the Back Burner and What That Means for You

Hey guys,

I’m sure you’ve noticed a big change in where I am directing my femdom clip traffic. For the last several years, iWantClips has been my favorite clipsite, but recent issues have caused me to pull back. Let me lay out a few reasons why and direct you to some alternatives. Don’t worry, I have plenty of good news after the bad news!

Ok, let’s get this over with.
Late Payouts

iWantClips has been consistently slow with my payouts with very little communication why. For example, my 10/11 payout did not hit my account until *19 days* had passed. All attempts at communicating with the billing department were unanswered, and I was left wondering if I’d be paid at all. I’m ranked in the Top 100 consistently, which means I make a pretty substantial amount of money for and via the site. Having that income in limbo is fucking annoying, even when you are a rich bitch like me.

Reduction in Commission

Last month, after yet another delayed ACH, iWantClips announced they’d be cutting artist commission on clips from 70 percent to 60 percent. That is understandable; operating clip sites come with big overhead expenses. What was NOT understandable was the way they announced this. The statement was made while many artists were still unpaid, and IWC did not explain why the changes had been made until 9 days had passed. As you can imagine, this caused considerable confusion and left many of us feeling uncertain about the future of the site. I put my money first, and that left an awful taste in my mouth.

Lack of Transparency

Artists and clipsites have a business relationship. I, personally, do not expect iWantClips to keep me informed of every little thing, but big changes like commission cuts and billing issues are something that directly affect my money… and you KNOW how I feel about my money. At this point, it feels like artists are expected to go along on faith IWC will fulfill their end of the bargain. In no other business are contractors expected to operate on blind faith, and it is not worth risking my livelihood in the hopes they will make the right decisions.

In conclusion–

I’ll still be using iWantClips, but I will be raising my prices on IWC, making some of my best-selling femdom clips exclusive to other platforms, and releasing content there last. This isn’t anything personal against the site, but I want to give IWC time to straighten itself out before I make it a prominent factor in my business again. I truly hope things are turned around in the coming months because iWantClips is truly a cutting edge platform, but I just can’t justify the stress factor at this time. I’m too pretty to chase paychecks, yanno?

Now for the other stuff.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be running some incredible sales, a membership raffle, and updating ALL my clipsites so they are current. Keep an eye on my Twitter as I’ll be making announcements there.

I’ve also created a Snapchat account as a thank-you for your support during this transition. Now through January 1st, you can add me for FREE.

There’s my snapcode thing. I’m still figuring Snapchat out, but now’s a great time to connect before I create a membership fee.

Stay tuned, I’ll have more information later.