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    ManyVids SALE!

    I’m late updating the blog, I’ve been ill the last few days and things got away from me. I have some incredibly good news for you all, however. This month, Manyvids is offering an 80% payout on content, tributes, and store item sales. As a result, I’ve put all my content on sale. You can even take an additional 25% off with code “Bla11600.” This is a fantastic chance to load up on content you may have had your eye on. I almost never discount content, so take full advantage while you can. Go get em, boys!  

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    Why iWantClips is On the Back Burner and What That Means for You

    Hey guys, I’m sure you’ve noticed a big change in where I am directing my femdom clip traffic. For the last several years, iWantClips has been my favorite clipsite, but recent issues have caused me to pull back. Let me lay out a few reasons why and direct you to some alternatives. Don’t worry, I have plenty of good news after the bad news! Ok, let’s get this over with. Late Payouts iWantClips has been consistently slow with my payouts with very little communication why. For example, my 10/11 payout did not hit my account until *19 days* had passed. All attempts at communicating with the billing department were unanswered,…

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    Submissive Casting Call

    Here’s the deal, I’ve had a ton of you whining in my inbox begging to serve me, so I’m giving you the opportunity. Be forewarned, this is a way to make ME money, so if you are contacting me to fulfill a fetish or get off, you will not be considered. Here are the requirements: Screening. First off, you will be subject to a screening process.This is for my safety as well as yours and all information will be kept totally private. Screening requires a copy of your driver’s license and the name of your employer OR a referral from another producer. Your driver’s license is mandatory. I don’t want…

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    Femdom Vacation Recap

    I’ve been quiet recently. Why? I treated myself to an extended vacation! It’s so nice being able to up and leave whenever I please. I’ve lived in Florida for nearly 20 years, but I find myself taking a lot of our state for granted. So, on a whim, I decided to spend a few weeks exploring. During that tour, a few of you were VERY lucky to book sessions with me— here’s looking at you, V and K! Often times clients ask me if I want a gift before the session. V got it right with a bottle of Dom Perignon…. I’ll never turn down champagne. My first stop was…

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    Happy Birthday to Me!

    I’m a little late posting, but here we are. My birthday was excellent. I spent most of the day kicking back at the pool before going to dinner. I was joined by my good friend Larkin Love and her partner, Alex Saint.   We went all out, of course: champagne, two types of caviar, and an eight-course tasting menu. It was exquisitely indulgent and a lot of fun. I also made a few birthday videos, available at iWantBlaire.com.  Click HERE to show me some birthday love.

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    FetishCon 2018 + NEW Fan Club

    As always, I’ll be attending FetishCon. I’m really looking forward to seeing the panels and reconnecting with kinky friends from years past. If you are in Central Florida and haven’t attended, you are truly missing out on a good time. I’ll be booking photoshoots throughout the event as well as socializing. If you’re a fan, please don’t shy away from saying hello!   In addition, I am launching an iWantFanClub. For a limited time, membership is just $5.99 a month. Enjoy behind the scenes, previews, daily musings, and much more. I’ll also be offering fan-exclusive coupon codes and sales. Please join me at www.BlaireFans.com.

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    A Penectomy Fetish Primer

    Penectomy is an interesting fetish revolving around total removal of the penis. Most clients I’ve spoken to eroticize the act of having their cock cut off more than the end product. Penectomy, after all, is a very final act and you can only do it once! Wait, men really get off on that? It’s easy to think of penectomy as being some esoteric desire, but I’ve spoken with hundreds of men who fantasize about it. It’s a delicate, vulnerable erogenous zone. A symbol of virility. Vital to Western male identity. For some, wanting to lop their cock off is an extension of CBT, a natural step up from other masochistic…

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    Why I Love Blackmail

    I’ll be honest with you: blackmail has rapidly become one of my FAVORITE fetishes to shoot content for. There’s just something about holding so much power over someone, drawing them into a web of compliance and molding them for your own. My favorite videos have involved using a mailtimer, which sends an email with compromising information after a certain amount of time has passed. My series has sold over 150 times in the last month, demonstrating blackmail’s widespread appeal. Of course, there are varying levels of commitment, and I tailor my requirements to each submissive’s limits as we establish a relationship. Some only like to play around the edges of…

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    Best Sellers: April 2018

    “QUEEN OF YOUR COCK EDGING JOI” Description: No one gets you vein-bulging, pre-cum dripping HARD like I do. It’s time for you to give that cock a workout, and my silky voice and enormous breasts are going to guide you along the way. This is the femdom jerk off instruction you’ve been waiting for. Edging, Jerk Off Instruction BUY IT NOW: IWC “24 KARAT BRAT” Preview:   Description: Why should I have to work when there are losers like you who’ll pay me for existing? Look at me. I’m blonde, I have perfect, huge tits, and I know exactly how to squeeze money out of horny men like you. Get…

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    Cuckold Storytime

      Alright, truth be told? I hate talking to losers about my sex life. It’s a huge part of why I don’t do many cuckold clips. Who are you to get that peek into my private life? You don’t even get to *see* my pussy. Why would I ever describe the way my pussy feels around a cock? But… how should I phrase this? My last tryst left me a little breathless. My partner (I refuse to call men alphas… fuck that) has been travelling extensively so we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together. Truthfully, I’d been aching for a fuck, but I wasn’t really expecting my…