Femdom Vacation Recap

I’ve been quiet recently. Why?

I treated myself to an extended vacation!

It’s so nice being able to up and leave whenever I please. I’ve lived in Florida for nearly 20 years, but I find myself taking a lot of our state for granted. So, on a whim, I decided to spend a few weeks exploring.

During that tour, a few of you were VERY lucky to book sessions with me— here’s looking at you, V and K! Often times clients ask me if I want a gift before the session. V got it right with a bottle of Dom Perignon…. I’ll never turn down champagne.

Always outdoorsy.

My first stop was Saint Augustine. I hadn’t been in about ten years and absolutely loved soaking up the Old Florida atmosphere. I spent the first night exploring the city’s gorgeous craft bars.  As a cocktail enthusiast, I *have* to plug The Ice Plant. The building dates to 1927 and has been meticulously preserved. If you want to drink like me, you’ll order the Exit to Eden: a perfect blend of dry gin, red bell and poblano peppers, and lemon.

Curvy at the Castillo

The chastity device collection gave me all sorts of evil ideas.

I also enjoyed exploring the Medieval Torture Museum (how could I not?!) The private collection was much larger and more comprehensive than I’d anticipated. Another night I took a ghost tour. I didn’t sight any haunts, but I did capture a mysterious shadow puppet cast against Ponce DeLeon.

Not the spooky shadows I was hoping for.

My next destination took me across the state to Miami. I *love* Miami and was lucky to spend a few months exploring the area in 2013. Naturally, I had to spend some time in Wynwood.

A few years ago I stumbled into Wynwood Life Fest, just in time to catch the Yin Yang Twinz. That was a trip.

he famous Wynwood Walls are an incredible celebration of street art and a must see. Here’s my sweaty face marring the view. We were also lucky enough to wander into a drag show at Gramps one evening, which was a pleasant surprise.

Sweaty but fab.

After indulging my inner hipster, I relocated to a gorgeous penthouse condo in Brickell. While my home in Orlando is nothing to sneeze at, I sure could get used to this view. Now accepting applications for Miami area mortgage co-signers.

Biscayne Bay from the condo

Altogether, I had an incredible time and returned home refreshed. I didn’t advertise sessions very much as this was very much a personal trip and I wanted to focus on deep relaxation. Perhaps next time I’ll offer more. My next planned trip is Las Vegas for AVN 2019, but I’ll be sure to post if I end up on a tour before then.

In the meantime, I have a fistful of custom clips to catch up on. Those who are owed will receive them by the beginning of next week.



Caipirinhas on Calle Ocho



Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m a little late posting, but here we are.

My birthday was excellent. I spent most of the day kicking back at the pool before going to dinner. I was joined by my good friend Larkin Love and her partner, Alex Saint.

  We went all out, of course: champagne, two types of caviar, and an eight-course tasting menu. It was exquisitely indulgent and a lot of fun.

I also made a few birthday videos, available at iWantBlaire.com. 

Expensive Birthday 1: Spoiled All Day

Click HERE to show me some birthday love.

FetishCon 2018 + NEW Fan Club

As always, I’ll be attending FetishCon. I’m really looking forward to seeing the panels and reconnecting with kinky friends from years past. If you are in Central Florida and haven’t attended, you are truly missing out on a good time.

I’ll be booking photoshoots throughout the event as well as socializing. If you’re a fan, please don’t shy away from saying hello!


In addition, I am launching an iWantFanClub. For a limited time, membership is just $5.99 a month. Enjoy behind the scenes, previews, daily musings, and much more. I’ll also be offering fan-exclusive coupon codes and sales.

Please join me at www.BlaireFans.com.

A Penectomy Fetish Primer

Penectomy is an interesting fetish revolving around total removal of the penis. Most clients I’ve spoken to eroticize the act of having their cock cut off more than the end product. Penectomy, after all, is a very final act and you can only do it once!

Wait, men really get off on that?

It’s easy to think of penectomy as being some esoteric desire, but I’ve spoken with hundreds of men who fantasize about it. It’s a delicate, vulnerable erogenous zone. A symbol of virility. Vital to Western male identity. For some, wanting to lop their cock off is an extension of CBT, a natural step up from other masochistic activities. Sometimes they want to keep their balls so they still get aroused but have no way to relieve themselves. Others have snuff or hostage fantasies, imagining some leather clad succubus lopping it off in a dungeon.

Penectomy Methods

The Elastrator 

The Elastrator is a tool used for castrating livestock without blood loss. A pair of pliers stretches open a powerful rubber band, which is then stretched around the penis and balls like a cock ring. Irreparable damage can be caused within one hour of banding, so it’s important to proceed with extreme caution.

I play with an Elastrator in my video “Your Last Wank: Elastrator Dick Destruction.


Surgical Play

Some see penectomy as an extension of medical fetish, and enjoy fantasizing about having it surgically removed. Most want to be awake in the fantasy so they can watch the process.

Abduction Fantasies

Others imagine penectomy as an act of revenge, or violence by some demented female serial killer. These tend to go hand in hand with Executrix fetishes.

Obviously, there are a million different ways penectomy can play out. These are just  a few of the more common scenarios I’ve run across.


Penectomy is one of my favorite fetishes to discuss on my BDSM phone lines because of its intensity and variation. It’s NEVER a dull conversation! I do, however, urge my clients to keep it in the realm of fantasy— this post is for informational purposes, not an endorsement. There’s nothing sexy about rushing to the hospital with your dick in a cooler.

Why I Love Blackmail

I’ll be honest with you: blackmail has rapidly become one of my FAVORITE fetishes to shoot content for. There’s just something about holding so much power over someone, drawing them into a web of compliance and molding them for your own. My favorite videos have involved using a mailtimer, which sends an email with compromising information after a certain amount of time has passed. My series has sold over 150 times in the last month, demonstrating blackmail’s widespread appeal.

Of course, there are varying levels of commitment, and I tailor my requirements to each submissive’s limits as we establish a relationship. Some only like to play around the edges of exposure, enjoying the confessional aspects of blackmail roleplay. Others want full risk of exposure and expensive buyout contracts. Part of being an effective domme is pushing boundaries without violating consent. That, in itself, is a pleasure.

I’m always refining my techniques, looking for new ways to utterly mindfuck my submissives. Blackmail play with me is an experience like no other… while there’s always a financial component, I truly fetishize power and get a total thrill out of wrapping my fingers around your brain and probing your darkest desires.

Think you are ready to take the plunge?

Mailtimer Blackmail JOI 1

Pick up one of my videos on iWantClips or give me a call on NiteFlirt.

Cuckold Storytime


Alright, truth be told? I hate talking to losers about my sex life. It’s a huge part of why I don’t do many cuckold clips. Who are you to get that peek into my private life? You don’t even get to *see* my pussy. Why would I ever describe the way my pussy feels around a cock?

But… how should I phrase this? My last tryst left me a little breathless. My partner (I refuse to call men alphas… fuck that) has been travelling extensively so we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together. Truthfully, I’d been aching for a fuck, but I wasn’t really expecting my “welcome home” kiss to turn into my lips around his cock so quickly.

There are a lot of things that separate REAL men from cuckold losers, but one of the biggest is they understand quid pro quo. Sure, he got to fondle my enormous 32GGs and feel my warm, wet tongue across his cock, but he STILL spent 20 minutes eating me out before he fucked me senseless and made me cum three times before he got his. Ugh, I love it. Our bed frame has been on its last legs, and I’ve been procrastinating getting a new one because I love hearing the bed squeak when we fuck. I know, I’m an asshole. How’s it feel to know you’ll never get to hear that sound?

Anyway, he’s an animal, in the best way. Total bad boy with a fat cock, fat wallet, and hopelessly devoted to Me. Years in and he’s the only one who gets to put his dick in me.

Keep dreaming cuckold bois.

May Travel Plans and Cashpoint Meets

May is shaping up to be hectic already. I’ll be in New York City May 23-27 and Miami the 30-2. If you are looking for a cashpoint meet with me and are local to those areas, you are in luck.

Minimum tribute for a cashpoint meet is $100. We will meet in a designated area and you’ll have the privilege of opening your wallet in My presence. Nothing else. Shopping trips may be arranged with a chaperone.

To book a cashpoint meet, you’ll need to make a non-refundable $25 deposit. You can do so here. All bookings must be made 48 hours in advance.

If you’d like to contribute to my travel needs (because god forbid I pay for anything out of my own pocket) I have added items to my Wish List. I’ve added some chic outfits, a couple of swimsuits, travel supplies, and more with this month in mind.

Regardless, I am excited! I’ll be posting exclusive pictures to my IWantFanClub (and maybe a few here if I am feeling charitable.)

Now make yourself useful.

XOXO Blaire

5/3 Presents!

I love it when Good Boys spoil me. Some of these gifts were in response to my “Easy Findom Task” video, others were out of the blue. Either way, nothing puts a smile on my face like generosity.


Not too shabby, but you all can do better. Want to get in my good graces? Do so here. http://www.spoilblaire.com

As always, items over $50 are guaranteed shout outs in my brag videos.

Isn’t financial domination fun?

So You Want to Be a Sissy?

I just LOVE turning men into my sissy pets. Everyone’s journey is individual, but my process does have a few common steps. Of course, not all sissies reach peak bimboification, but it’s something to aspire to.

If you decide to pursue sissification with me, here are a few things you can expect during your training.

Chastity. Locking up your cock serves two purposes: It makes you more docile, and it serves as an excellent tool for obedience. It’s the first step to any serious sissification process. Eventually, my sissies are taught to only enjoy penetration, rendering their penis all but useless.

Anal training. Good sissies put their boipussies to use. First, you aren’t going to be able to tug your cock anymore, so you’ll need to find another way to deal with sexual urges. Second, I find anal play with my sissies to be highly amusing, whether I’m giving a strapon session or telling you to take real cock. It can be a long process, so I like to introduce it early.

Cock sucking. This is much in the same category as anal training. It amuses me, but I *also* want to make sure you are competent at sucking dick. It reflects badly on me when a sissy’s skills are lacking!

Bimboification. It’s not enough to just *act* like a sissy. I want you to LOOK like one, too. The girlier, the better! Most start out simply enough… a pair of panties under your work slacks, maybe some frilly lingerie for playtime. Soon, however, you’ll realize just how much fun it is to be my little whore. Who knows, you might find yourself craving lip injections or looking at tit jobs! It’s my opinion that Plastic is Pretty. The more over the top, the better!

Along the way, I often assign many other tasks. These are just a few general examples of the tenets of sissification and my vision for my girls. 

Did this get you worked up? If so, go buy one of my videos here.